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Ultrasonic Cutter Ultrasonic Cutter

Ultrasonic Cutter Ultrasonic Cutter

   The full gamut of sheeted industrial materials made of plastic like CFRP, laminate, rubber or paper can be freely cut to a high degree of precision, with a high magnitude of force and at high speed. High performance is guaranteed whether used in mass-production or small lot, wide variety production. Furthermore, it can be combined with the Robo-Calivision System to process works of unstable 3D shapes with precision.


High-power Ultrasonic Operation

   With high output 500W ultrasonic waves, it smoothly cuts hard and thick materials that were unworkable before. And, minimal cutting dust is generated, so both the work and workplace remain clean. Moreover, since the machine is equipped to measure the height of the blade at the end of each cutting operation and automatically detect any wear or damage to the blade, the blade stays sharp and consistently delivers stable cutting quality.
Photo: Cutting Example of CFRP and PU (t10mm, Hardness: 90)


High-precision and High-speed Tracking

   High-performance, high-torque AC servomotors drive the four X, Y, Z and θ axes. The control system includes a powerful CPU to smoothly join a myriad number of calculated points. The motors deliver high speed precise cutting at a top speed of 1,000 mm/sec and a repeat accuracy of 0.1 mm.


Multi-head System

   The tool head uses a multi-head system which contains the ultrasonic cutter, spindle (end mill), drill, heat marking roller, pen and punch. These accouterments can be easily swapped to meet various needs for plane processing.


High-power Heat Marking Roller

   A powerful heat marking roller delivers a maximum pressure of 100 kg and maximum temperature of 150ºC. And, the roller height can be changed within the same processing program.


Laser Cutting Unit

   A laser processing unit is offered as a tool head option. It uses a CO2 laser to make more accurate and sharper cuts, and to simplify marking operations. Other options than the standard tools and laser unit are available.


Table Unit Extension as Needed

   The table is designed and built as a unit. Whenever needed, tables can be coupled to cut and mark long sheet materials. This unique system flexibly meets the changing needs of users.


Dedicated Software and Controller Offer High Operability

   The SCAM-Z1.0 cutting data creator application is included as a standard feature. It makes it easy to create cutting programs from DXF files. Using simplified NC developed by Startechno, cutting data is quickly and accurately processed and output to drive motors. The controller incorporates an easy-to-see and -operate touch panel that makes setting work quick and easy.
*No CAD system is included.

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