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Environmental Protection Policy Environmental Protection Policy

   STARTECHNO COMPANY LIMITED is involved with environmental protection on a corporate level and persistently implements activities throughout the company as part of our efforts to maintain both the affluence of society and the richness of the environment. As corporate policy, STARTECHNO shall;

  1. Strive to efficiently conduct production activities in ways that conserve resources and energy and eliminate wastefulness, and reduce emissions of waste, CO2 and other environmentally-harmful substances that result from those activities.
  2. Observe environmental laws, regulations and rules of national and local governments, communities, industrial groups, etc.
  3. Strive to instruct and educate employees on environmental protection so as to raise their awareness thereof and encourage proactive thinking and action.
  4. As a part of executing this environmental protection policy, establish, periodically review and continuously strive to improve an environmental management system.
  5. Make the content of the corporate environmental management system known to all employees and, upon request, circles outside of the company.

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