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   Continual advances in product quality and functioning on the one hand and diversifying values on the other are subdividing consumption into more intricate segments. This trend is fueling a shift in the most basic concepts of factory automation; manufacturers are rapidly trending away from investments in automated machinery that pursues overall production efficiency via increases in speed and labor-saving of general-purpose parts processing, to “segmented automation” that enables flexible production at high levels of precision and efficiency via automated processing that deftly delivers the specification requirements of individual parts.
   STARTECHNO supplies purpose-specific automated equipment to production floors of every possible sector of industry, owing to high-order development and engineering strengths that the company has amassed since the dawn of automation and a total internal production system that powers operations from planning and design to manufacture with state-of-the-art production tools. Quality machinery products from STARTECHNO are assisting customers in their efforts to improve production precision and efficiency, pursue the next wave of innovation and play a part in creating an affluent world built on sustainable development and low environmental load.

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