STARTECHNO -- A Professional of Robots and FA Systems STARTECHNO -- A Professional of Robots and FA Systems

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   As a business, we are helping to mass-produce electric cars and other clean energy vehicles. Moreover, we are taking steps to reduce our own electricity consumption by 30% by installing LED lighting in office areas.


We seek to create lively and motivating workplaces that both offer opportunities to hone one’s skills and promote diversity.


We develop the most advanced and, by virtue thereof, industry-leading robots and automated equipment.


As a robotic systems integrator, we responsibly manufacture robots and automated equipment that contribute to society.


We aim to reduce CO2 emissions from the use of robots by 30% by electrification of robot driving system.


We are helping to protect forest resources by going paperless through the use of digital data.


We develop original robot systems by building problem-solving partnerships with our customers.

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