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STAR SEIKI products STAR SEIKI products

   Determined to lead the carbon-neutral age as a general cartesian robot manufacturer, STAR SEIKI is using its vast experience and long track record at the top of the take-out robot for injection molding market to propose the best “Robotic System Solutions” for all fields of business.

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Take-out robots for injection molding

STAR SEIKI has a wide lineup of compact to heavy-duty take-out robots to meet the needs of various industries for injection molding.


Robot palletizers

Automating palletizing operations reduces labor and boosts efficiency at distribution sites.


Robot traveling axis unit "Track Motion"

This unit makes it possible for a single robot to serve multiple processing machines, allowing manufacturers to deploy less robots to fulfill operating tasks.


Robot chucking parts

STAR SEIKI's online shop is a quick way to procure a wide range of robot tools and accessories.
►Robot chucking parts online shop "eins" (Japanese only)

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Plastic Parts Processing System
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