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3C robot professionals

   Our robots can cut, grind and polish material stock with ultrasonic cutters, end mills, hot blades and lasers. They can weld, affix and bond material stock using ultrasonic waves, thermal welds, hot melt and lasers. Then, we use conveyors, pallet changers, stockers and 3D picking robots to transfer and handle materials.
   Our robots support every imaginable way to process and use plastics and metals. So, because of the way we excel at Cutting, Connecting and Conveying, we like to think of ourselves as 3C robot professionals.


Robot system integrator

   Startechno has the data and know-how to fully automate an entire factory with a coordinated army of networking robots. Using the hi-tech engineering, advanced skills and long track record it has built as a 3C (Cutting, Connecting and Conveying) professional, Startechno accurately identifies the needs of production sites that are diversifying, rapidly progressing or specializing, and proposes the best robotic system for that needs.
   When working with Startechno, you can count on a trusted partnership with the shared goal of creating and realizing a new production site that will meet its full potential.

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