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Cyber Conveyor System Cyber Conveyor System

Cyber Conveyor System Cyber Conveyor System

   This conveyor system flexibly combines individual sections into automatic transfer and stocking lines. Systems are easily installed and can be changed in part or their entirety with little trouble as needed. Moreover, each unit is equipped with its own driver and driven only while conveying works, therefore operation is economical because of the reduced energy consumption.


   Highly mobile and durable plastic chain is used as the conveyor belt and is easy to change. In addition to straights, there are curves and units for transfer, sliding, lifting and continuous lifting. These pieces can be freely combined into the desired conveyor line.


Linear Unit

   Straight line conveyor unit that forms a basis for the entire system. The unit operates only when a container reaches the unit zone.


Transfer Unit

   Used to transfer a container at 90 degrees onto another conveyor line, without turning the container over.


Slide Unit

   Used to change direction by sliding in a direction perpendicular to the movement of the conveyor.


Curve Unit

   Used to change direction by forming a curve within a conveyor line. Three curve angles are available: 45, 90 and 180 degrees.


Lifter Unit

   Travels a short distance vertically.


High Tower Lifter Unit and Continuous Motion Lifter Unit

   High tower type travels a greater distance vertically. Continuous motion type handles multiple containers simultaneously.


Heavy Load Type (Option)

   Heavy load type (max.carrying weight: 50 kg) conveyors are available as an option. They are equipped with wide and durable plastic belts and heavy-duty motors.

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